Saturday, 19 January 2013

Poetry Saturday . . . Winter Park

If I could paint the blues and greys,
That blend into that filmy sheen
As if an artist dipped his brush
In silver paint to draw a scene
From some high hill in fairyland
A man with magic in his hand.

The frozen rutted pathways run
Like rabbit tracks among the trees,
The bushes weighted down with snow,
Bent old women on their knees,
Webbed tracks like feather stitching made
In warm quilts by the ladies' aid.

The trees are decked in white array,
Like vestal maidens at a Feast,
Behind the hills the sun comes up
Like a great monarch of the East,
Whose golden trappings shed a glow,
On the white glare of frost and snow.

Source: via Marie on Pinterest

A dozen children play about
Like dwarfs from Snow-white come to town,
With merry eyes and laughing lips,
And all the antics of a clown,
With cheeks as red as Santa Claus
Playing to win the crowd's applause.

And so a winter park becomes
A painting framed in frost and snow,
Where common things of every day,
Take on a radiance and glow,
Like figures acting on a screen
Doing a lovely winter scene.
~Edna Jacques

Of course the big news here in the UK today is all the snow which fell yesterday, creating chaos all over the country.  Snow is always big news here as we seldom get much and when it does fall . . . well, we just don't deal well with it at all!  People never do what they are asked to do which is to . . . STAY HOME . . . with the end result being traffic chaos and disruption all over the place.  Stuck lorries, delayed trains, canceled flights, shut down motorways,  etc.   I even saw photos on the telly yesterday of store shelves which had been absolutely stripped of all the necessities of life such as bread, milk, water . . .

We had a quiet day here at home actually.   We never went anywhere (coz we do what we're told to do) and just stayed warm and cozy in here by the fire, periodically looking out the window to see how much had fallen.   At the end of the day we had a couple of inches, perhaps three, which was just enough.   I know they had a lot more in other places!  We're quite protected here in Chester.

No plans for today except more of the same.  Staying warm and cozy in our little house.

Yesterday's Silver Lining:   The two Sister Missionaries who walked over to our place in the afternoon.  (The missionary house is just around the corner.)  They were here for about an hour.  I fed them freshly baked cake and milk and we read the scriptures together and just shared.   It was really special.  They always bring such a special spirit with them.

A thought to carry with you through Saturday:

The Winter is a stillness and a darkness and a sleep
But not a death, for in the earth the roots of life go deep.
A rest . . . then re-creation and a glad new burgeoning.
Every day in Wintertime is one day nearer Spring.
~Patience Strong

 photo SAM_4182_zps8fe60add.jpg

Baking in The English Kitchen today . . . a delicious Spiced Orange Cake.

Stay warm and safe people!!



Sybil said...

Your day yesterday was same as ours Marie...and today will be the same...we had 6/7 ins of can't see us getting out for some time. We live at the top of a small incline and no way can we get car down or we are marooned !! Thankfully we have wonderful neighbours who are so attentive.. Lyn cleared all the paths between Mary and me so it was safe for Mary getting home. Then Peter brought in bread and milk in case we don't get out today///which we won't !! he even had to leave his van at work and thumb a lift home yesterday as no way culd he get van home..
so you Todd and Mitzie just keep warm and cosy...Hope Mitzie is enjoyingthe snow as much as Masy is

Suze said...

It sounds like a wonderful day. Enjoy the snow before it goes all squishy and dirty.

We are all hot and miserable. The summer seems endless.

tales from a handmade home said...

What a beautiful peaceful welcoming blog.......the poetry is lovely.

La Table De Nana said...

Snow here all day too.. Your cake looks delish..Have a lovely weekend~

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you could stay in and keep warm. I do that for much of the winter here. On the nice days I get the errands run and grocery shopping done so that on bad days there is no need to go out. Right now it is very windy and the sun has come out, but there is no snow, just cold. Our weather men say the next few days should be bringing more snow our way and well below freezing temps for us too. I have plans to stay in except for the times I'll need to get out and clear off the steps and walks. Take care and stay warm!

Schotzy said...

Im so glad I poopped in... it is always so fortifying.... thanks for the beauty and the memories!

LeAnn said...

I loved the poem and the perfect pictures that went with. I know what you mean about certain places not being prepared for snow. Utah is always prepared; Las Vegas not. One time we had snow briefly in Las Vegas and then almost closed the schools. Actually, it was pretty funny since we were from Utah.
It sounded lovely to just be inside enjoying your cozy home. I am sure it was fun to look at. Thanks for your recipe it looks so yummy.
I love that you had such a sweet moment with the Sister Missionaries.
Blessing, love and hugs!